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With Black Friday just around the corner on 26th November, many of us have earmarked certain gadgets and gifts in the hope of bagging a great deal before Christmas.

Along with the bargains to help get you ahead on Christmas shopping, it’s also the perfect time to snap up a Black Friday deal for your dog. Give them the gift of health this festive season with some great deals that will not only make your furry friend feel more comfortable if they’re experiencing joint stiffness, but also promote their general wellbeing in a variety of ways.

Some are listed as early Black Friday deals, while others are already waiting in our basket to see what deals are available on the day. Here’s our pick of the best Black Friday buys…

Teddy Dog Oval Bed

Teddy dog oval bed

Pets at Home have already added some lines to their Black Friday sale, and their Teddy Dog Oval Bed has 30% off. Faux suede on the outside, it’s lined with micro-Berber fleece to keep your dog feeling snug and protected from draughts during the colder months. What’s more, it’s easily cleaned in the washing machine once you’ve taken the base out, so muddy paw print needn’t be a concern. There are several sizes to choose from, so whether your pooch is a Scottish Terrier or a St. Bernard, they’ll be able to curl up or stretch out comfortably.

£25.20 sale price – Pets at Home

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive GPS dog tracker

The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is great for monitoring your dog’s activity levels, as well as for peace of mind, knowing you’ll always be able to find them if they should bolt. So, what exactly can it do? Well, think of it like a Fitbit for dogs. You’ll be able to keep track of how much exercise your dog is doing every day, set fitness goals according to their breed and size, as well as tracking their calories burned. And it’s not just their exercise you can monitor. Find out how much they’re resting (after all, a well-rested dog is a healthy dog – 10-12 hours is ideal) to make sure they’re spending enough time off their paws, too. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Tractive page for any Black Friday deals, but it’s worth bearing in mind there are additional subscription fees – the basic plan is £8.99 if you pay monthly.

£44.99 – Tractive

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo dog camera

If you’re in the market for a pet camera to keep an eye on your four-legged friend while you’re out, the Furbo Dog Camera comes highly recommended. This security camera and dog-sitter in one has two-way audio, so you can talk to your dog when you’re not there, and it will alert you when your dog’s barking. It’ll even toss them a treat on your command and can really help with separation anxiety. It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, and your dog is no exception. As restrictions ease and many people are making a return to the office, our canine companions are feeling the effects of their owners not being around as much as they were during lockdown. We believe that anything that can help improve your dog’s mental wellbeing – such as this practical device – is an investment worth making.

£189 sale price – Amazon

Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle

Nina Ottosson interactive treat puzzle

Exercising your dog’s brain is just as important as exercising their body, especially as they age. Without mental stimulation, dogs can experience memory loss, confusion, and a lack of awareness, so it’s incredibly important to challenge your dog’s brain as much as possible. We really like these Nina Ottosson interactive treat puzzles, which have up to 43% off on Amazon ahead of Black Friday. They get your dog flexing those memory muscles in return for treats, and there are various difficulty levels available, from easy to expert. Just remember never to leave your dog alone with a treat puzzle, and not to let them chew on any of the game pieces.

£17.50 sale price – Amazon

Extra Tall Extending Metal Pet Gate

Argos extra-tall pet gate

Argos is well worth a watch if you’re planning any pet purchases this Black Friday. We’ll be adding this Extra Tall Extending Metal Pet Gate to our wish list to see if it goes down in price. It’s easy to fit, has a two-way opening system, and – unlike a baby stair gate – it’s tall enough to stop even larger dogs jumping over. A pet gate is a great idea for several reasons. At this time of year, of course, they can protect your dog from getting hold of baubles and string lights from the Christmas tree, or finding their way into gifts beneath it, which could be potentially hazardous to our furry friends. Plus, limiting the use of stair gates can help reduce the amount of pressure put on your dog’s joints by ascending and descending stairs several times a day, as well as preventing injury, if they’re prone to tripping and falling.

£34.99 – Argos

Embark Dog DNA Kit

Embark dog DNA kit

You may have noticed a rise in popularity of DNA testing kits for your dog, that help you identify their breed history. The Embark Dog DNA Kit is a firm favourite with many pet owners, and screens for more than 350 dog breeds so you can find your four-legged friend’s closest relatives. We’ll be keeping an eye out for a sale price this Black Friday, but as always, it’s worth comparing the price from different retailers as well as checking with the brand direct.

£141.90 – Amazon

IMPORTANT: A safety message for dog owners

Whatever you buy this Black Friday, whether it’s for yourself or your dog, always be vigilant with the packaging. To a dog, there’s nothing quite like the allure of a bunch of plastic wrapping and boxes, but they pose a real safety risk.

Particularly when it comes to puppies, packaging can present a choking risk, ties and cords could result in strangulation, and those little sachets of silica gel? They might be non-toxic, but they can still cause tummy troubles and intestinal blockages due to the packaging.

So, keep all packaging well away from your dog and enjoy those Black Friday bargains safely.

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