Could your home be harmful for your dog?

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Did you know that a home can be potentially hazardous to a dog? From slippery floors to steep staircases, there are multiple areas that could cause strain on your canine’s joints, and increase the onset of early Arthritis as a result.

Thankfully, there are some simple home adaptions you can make to protect your canine. We turn to Hannah Capon, from Canine Arthritis Management, for her tips and advice on the topic…

Tips on keeping your dog’s joints safe at home:

Jumping and climbing

Leaping into the car, jumping up onto the sofa, racing up the stairs – all might seem innocent enough, but this is exactly the type of strain that could be causing serious damage to your dog’s joints. Invest in the likes of stairgates and ramps to reduce the effects.


More than 50% of UK dogs are overweight. That’s a staggering number, so it’s important to understand if your pet is at their ideal body weight and, if not, take steps to reach that goal. Thanks to the excess strain on the joints, studies have shown that dogs carrying excess weight are more likely to develop Arthritis earlier.

To combat this? Maintain a healthy diet, give out treats in moderation, and make sure your canine’s getting the right amount of exercise. You could also consider raised food and water bowls for mealtimes, to reduce bending.  


Easy-to-clean wooden floors certainly look good and are really convenient, but just how much damage are they doing to our dogs joints due to slips, trips and falls? Rugs and mats are a great way to help your canine get a solid grip and avoid falls.


Your dog may well happily trek through the woods for hours on end, but is that really the way forward? The amount of exercise a dog needs varies by breed and age, so make sure you’re not overdoing it with yours. If you’ve got a new puppy, you need to be especially careful – find out more here.

The same logic goes for games and activities – avoid fetch with sticks, as they can be seriously dangerous, and give ball throwers a miss, as these cause your dog’s entire body to lurch forward when they come to a stop.

Inventing the World’s Best Dog House

In a bid to raise awareness of these home hazards, we’ve joined forces Hannah and TV’s Lawrence Llewlyn Bowen, to create what we’ve called ‘The World’s Best Dog House’. This super-slick kennel isn’t just stylish, but it’s completely geared up for healthy canine living.

You can find out more about the campaign – plus lots more advice on home management for pets – here.

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